Bookcases South Africa

When it comes to lounge, living room, study or library furniture what can look more stylish than one or more bookcases of suitable style. While some prefer the modern, real, durable bookcases are those hardwood pieces that became fashionable several hundreds of years ago and they are still in trend today. In our article, we will examine the best places to buy bookcases in South Africa, a beautiful country with a great yet underrated furniture industry.

South Africa is a country with a very long colonial past, which means that it has inherited and kept much of those traditions that were the norms for such a long time. Classic British way of furnishing is one of these traditions, which many locals prefer to keep to this day. Therefore, all old furniture that comes from Europe is extremely popular in South Africa and these include bookcases in various shapes, forms and sizes. Let us look at the best places for finding bookcases in South Africa and then we will take a quick look at the hippest places to look for them.

Classic British and French bookcases:
As mentioned above as the remainder of the colonial times and due to the still high number of British and Boorish descendants living in South Africa, the British and French classic and country furniture is extremely popular in the country. You can get to find several high quality brands here offering premium quality, beautiful looking furniture sets and accessories made out of quality teak, oak, mahogany and cherry among other wood.

In Cape Town check out Block & Chisel offering beautifully sophisticated classic bookcases, with matching lounge, or study furniture. The brand has stores around the Gauteng area and Durban too. Check out also the Chelsea Collection that also offers great looking antique bookcases in its collection of British style country furniture. In the Johannesburg area there are two companies that need to be mentioned Hartmann & Keppler with a really long past in classic furniture making and Wetherlys which offers mainly French classic and country furniture in really high quality. Due to the success of both companies, they also work together jointly. Also, check out the Cotton Wood, with its store in Midrand Johannesburg offering remarkable bookcases in classic style. It is also worth mentioning that in case one would need a large wall-to-wall bookcase it is more worth actually having it done by a professional carpenter.

Modern bookcases:
The main problem with the modern bookcases is, that they are often not divided from a regular wall unit and therefore cannot be categorised as bookcases. In most of the regular furniture stores, which includes Coricraft, Furniture City, Lewis Furniture and even Morkels, they prefer to sell larger TV units which also offer space for books , yet they fail to offer alone standing bookcases. These wall units however often offer a cheaper more economical solution for many, especially when it comes to the general lack of space. All the above-mentioned furniture brands have plenty of stores all around South Africa that make them very easily accessible by the customers.

Check out all the above-mentioned brands in your area in order to get a clear picture on the great diversity of the South African furniture industry in general. South Africa is indeed great, when it comes to great furniture designs and you are guaranteed to find the best bookcases or similar storage options for you.