Carpets South Africa

Carpets have a large importance in any flat or office as they help to preserve the heat when it’s cold, can help to prevent the feet to get dirty and also a great carpet can drastically change the overall outlook of a flat. New generation carpets also provide additional benefits to its owners, such as not letting any dirt or dust out in the air and being stain resistant. Let us see the most popular carpets and carpet suppliers in South Africa. In our article we will enlist you some of the most popular types of carpets in South Africa and the best places to buy these.

1. New generation carpets
Belgotex Silvercare is a real new generation carpet that has an extra dirt absorbing skill, with the use of silver ions when treating the carpets. The new generation Belgotex carpets are also stainless and inhibit bacteria therefore highly recommended for families with kids and for virtually every space where it is important to have stainless and bacteria free carpets. Belgotex has a great range of carpets working mostly with the shades of beige, blue and grey producing mostly single-coloured carpets. Belgotex Carpets are sold by a high number of retails in every region of South Africa by retails such as Carpet & D, Fotakis Carpets, Top Carpets in the Gauteng /Johannesburg-Pretoria area.

2. Natural carpets
There is a new craze in South Africa when it comes to carpets and it’s the use of natural carpets, such as coir, jute sea grass and sisal woven carpets. Although these carpets need specific care, with their naturally warm colours, they bring freshness into any home and they prove to be very effective when it comes to keeping the warmth of a home, to protect the flooring and to keep any dust or dirt inside. Sisal and sea grass carpets’ colours range from bright yellow to dark chocolate brown and they greatly suit just any room. Some of the top natural carpet retails in South Africa include Brightfield’s and Rowley & Hughes both of which are based in Cape Town but having retails in the other big cities.

3. Regular quality carpets
If you are looking for regular yet fine quality carpets or rugs in South Africa, check out the collection of Van Dyck and Nouwens offering an extra extensive collection of carpets of different colours, shades, sizes and materials. Numerous retails and resellers sell the carpets of these companies, which include Fotakis, Top Carpets that cover all of the bigger cities of South Africa in each region. Further retails include Carpet & D and House & Home.

4. Oriental carpets Most people do not know but South Africa has a huge minority of Indians living in the big cities. Indian people mean also a huge range of Indian and Oriental goods and bazaars such as the Oriental Plaza the best Indian bazaar of South Africa where you can get to find a huge range of hand-woven carpets with beautiful patterns and decorations coming from the Far Eastern countries. Check out Johannesburg’s African Craft Market and the Young Designers Emporium in Sandton’s downtown.

There are so many carpet stores of course, which you can get to see all around South Africa however these above mentioned stores are some of the very best, when it comes to all different types and sorts of carpets. Visiting their websites of the local companies, you can read more on the pros of each type of carpet, and discover their latest collection.

In South Africa, the most popular companies are Belgotex, Nouwens, Coirtex, Van Dyck, Avance, Nexus, Bentleytex among others.