Chaise South Africa

Chaise is a type of furniture which is not that often used in today’s furniture culture, however in the past years it enjoys a great revival. In our article, we would like to introduce you to this very interesting furniture, the chaise longue, its use and its whereabouts in the country. South Africa has a flourishing furniture producing industry and when you live there, you can get the experience to explore all what it has to offer when it comes to both old and classy and modern style furniture.

First, as it is a lesser-known furniture let’s see what is a chaise. Chaise longue means a long armchair that also provides support for the legs and has been used as comfort furniture for resting or reading. The seating side of the chaise is to support the arms and the back; however, certain subtypes have a different design enhancing rather the back than the arm support making the chaise to look somewhat like a triangular shaped sofa while others concentrate on rather a lying or half-lying position supporting the head and back areas. Different sub-types are also called dutchesse brisée, a recamier or a méridienne. The quite colourful furniture business of South Africa provides well enough places for you to find the chaise longue you can really fall in love with. Where to find classic or antique chaise longue in South Africa:

Being a country, which is a big fan of antique and European classic furniture there are plenty of great places when it comes to finding a classic or even antique chaise longue for you. Check out the following great furniture stores that always have some chaise on offer:

Hartmann & Keppler – Wetherlys: Based in Johannesburg-Gauteng area these two companies work together in collaboration offering some of the greatest variety of classic, colonial, British style furniture in great quality. Find Wetherlys showroom in Sandton while Hartmann & Keppler has showrooms also in Bryanston, Bedford, at the Glen Shopping Centre in Oakdene and at Wetherlys Parkview Centre at Woodhill, Pretoria.

Block & Chisel: another classic British and French furniture supplier of high quality, Block & Chisel is the Nr. 1 brand when it comes to anything old style. You are guaranteed to fall in love with many of their furniture, which also includes chaise longue. Block & Chisel is based in Cape Town has showrooms in Diep River (Cape Town), Chelsea River (Cape Town) and also in Illovo (Johannesburg).

Additionally, check out the great antique stores that you can find in Woodstock and Kalk Bay in South Africa and in Sandton’s downtown in the Gauteng/Johannesburg/Pretoria area.

Where to find modern and contemporary style chaise longue in South Africa: There are some great modern designs of chaise that you ought to check out, because they can make a fantastic addition to your home.

Coricraft: When it comes to the most available source for greatly designed modern furniture, it is definitely Coricraft we need to mention on the first place, as it has stores in every single bigger cities of South Africa. The South African design team guarantees to offer high quality designs for your home.

OKHA: One of the most popular modern furniture brand today, coming also originally from South Africa OKHA guarantees quality and high profile designs and has a great collection of modern chaise longue, featuring all of them in snow-white colour. Okha has a single showroom in central Cape Town.

Check out these great stores when it comes to finding beautiful chaise longue for you that can serve as a beautiful, unique and stylish addition to your home in South Africa, where you can get to find a really fantastic diversity of furniture.