Chinese Furniture South Africa

There are several sorts of Chinese furniture in the world, yet unfortunately it is not exceptional quality and historical designs are the first furniture attributes that come to mind, when it comes to Chinese furniture yet rather low-key and lower quality mass furniture that gets exported all around the world. This time, however we are targeting to represent those worthy furniture brands that deal with antique and historical Chinese furniture: an aspect of Chinese furniture less heard of yet even more remarkable.

Traditional Chinese furniture is exceptionally unique, that comes with great design and which can look simply beautiful in just any home. Chinese furniture is therefore more than worth learning about and looking at. Such a huge country as China never had problems to get just any sort of wood and this beauty of diversity or cultures and styles makes Chinese furniture all the more genuine and outstanding.

Let us see some of the most popular South African furniture brands that deal with high quality antique and traditional Chinese furniture.

Global Heritage - Cape Quarter Cape Town
Global Heritage is a real family company, led by the couple Brenda van Dijk and Johan Joubert who personally travel to China to buy and select all the unique furniture and accessories, which you can later on see in their beautiful store located in Cape Quarter, in the downtown of Cape Town. Global Heritage has a wide collection of antiques go back as early as to the Han Dinasty which ruled China in 202 BC! You will see a unique collection of exceptional furniture made out of all different sort of wood from Satin to Basswood. Global Heritage is well known as a unique antique dealer with a great collection. Check out their beautiful Chinese furniture once you are in Cape Town.

Amble In – Port Elizabeth
Port Elizabeth is not so wide known for its antiques as other cities of South Africa, yet it gives home to some pretty outstanding antique dealers such as Amble In which offers antique and vintage furniture from all around the world and that also include China of course. If you are a fan of wood, it will be a pure joy for you to browse through the collection of Amble In and you can get to find some pretty unique and genuine Chinese furniture and accessories, among so many things else once you look around in the store of Amble In. The company does all the restoration and renovation itself on a pretty high quality.

Weylandts – Chinese Antiques - Durban
Weylandts is a pretty unique furniture store which deals with quality furniture from all across the word. Weylands does not sell exceptional quality Chinese furniture but also went so far to create a whole new store concept in the world of antique and furniture dealing: its new store the Kitchen also sells a diverse array of specialties located right next to the store itself. You can get to see such Chinese furniture here, which you have never heard of, such as herb cabinets and other unique storage facilities. Check out Weylandts if you want to create a home no one has.

Kaysara - Woodstock Cape Town
Kaysara is a great fun store that specialises in Asian furniture and accessories, which next to Chinese furniture includes Indian, South East Asian, Tibetan, Japanese collections. You can get to find several things at Kaysara; it is really like a gold mine for the collectors and for the fans of unique home ware.

As you can see Chinese furniture has a much more attractive aspect than any of its disposable products, By checking out the above stores, you can end up buying some Chinese furniture which absolutely differs from any other furniture you have seen before. All these shops are great to buy statement furniture.