Curtains South Africa

Curtains give a beautiful frame and colour to any room, and have a great ability to serve as a great add-on to the furnishing of a room. Thousands of beautiful textiles are available to choose from in South Africa, when it comes to choosing your future curtains and this time we would like to help you out with your search, depending on the style you are looking for and depending on the region you are living in.

In South Africa, curtains are often not offered exclusively but rather by textile and home décor stores. Let us look at where to find the best quality classic curtains in South Africa. We would also like to highlight some of the unique upcoming textile designers who offer great quality curtains in South Africa, and in the last section, we will get to where you can order quality textiles.

Classic curtains go with classic furniture and come in large enough variety for everyone to find their next favourite. Classic curtains must be in sync not only with the upholstered furniture but also often with the wallpapers, so you will spot several stores which offer all of these.

Mavromac: Offering thousands of shades and forms of textiles for curtains and furniture Mavromac’s collection is a must-see for everyone. From the traditional to the oriental, you can find just every type of curtains in here. Mavromac offers a huge list of international brands and its one of the No. 1 store to visit for curtains. The brand has showrooms in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

U&G Fabrics: Representing a great and colourful collection of all sorts of home textiles U&G is a fantastic place to check out when looking for interior design inspiration for your flat. U&G is based in Durban and has showrooms in Durban, Bloemfontein, Uhmlanga, Cape Town, Gauteng, Pretoria, and Port Elizabeth.

Modern curtains South Africa
Osborne & Little: This brand offers a wonderful range of curtain and home textile collection no matter your flavour is classic, oriental or contemporary you are guaranteed to fall in love with many of the textiles and even wallpapers of Osborne & Little.

Home Fabrics: Featuring a fantastic selection of contemporary home textiles, from curtains to furniture, HF has a selected collection according to the actual seasons and personal flavours featuring hundreds of colours and patterns. Home Fabrics has showrooms in Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.

Online Fabric store South Africa: Check out Fabric Superstore and Fabric Library, both housing an extra large collection of curtains and other textiles.

Other stores to check out: This is a list of the must-see smaller stores and upcoming textile designers with remarkable collections:
• Oriental patterns: If you are looking for oriental curtains, don’t miss out on visiting the Oriental Plaza in Johannesburg to see a great selection of oriental textiles for curtains and furniture alike.
• IKEA textiles: The best way to order IKEA textiles is through Nevada Furniture, which is the biggest exporter of IKEA in South Africa.
• Stuart Graham: featuring great classic textiles
• Tessa Sonik is a great upcoming South African textile designer with remarkable collections.
• Skinny La Minx represents beautiful modern patterns for all textiles.

We hope that we could give you a good overall representation on where to find the best curtains and textile in South Africa. Check out the stores we recommend depending on your taste and home style and you are guaranteed to find the best curtains in one or more of these stores.