Eco Friendly Furniture South Africa

While Eco-friendly furniture is still not so much of a fashion in Europe, it is raising a countrywide movement in countries such as South Africa. The furniture makers have to cope with a general lack of wood, most of which they have to get imported, costing lots of money for the actual companies and further harming the nature by cutting out of further wood. Therefore, green furniture is a great way of furniture producing in South Africa with lots of great ideas that could give inspiration to international furniture makers as well on how to go eco-friendly yet still produce quality wood furniture.

The producing of eco–friendly furniture is less a big deal when there is a huge need behind it. The furniture industry of South Africa has been coping with the lack of wood, especially types of wood that include pine, oak and does not have a great amount of walnut tree either. The most common furniture used for South African furniture includes the African mahogany and beech yet apart from that, all other wood must get imported to the country first. This long and costly process made local furniture producers starting to think on alternative ways on finding furniture materials for making furniture out of different tree types. These techniques are called as eco-friendly furniture, a term that includes building furniture from re-sustainable materials.

Let us see some of the great ways South African Furniture makers create eco-friendly or green furniture in order to cope with the lack of wood.

Oak furniture from wine-barrels:
South Africa has an ongoing problem with the creation of oak furniture, as there is no oak in South Africa. Therefore one talented furniture maker came up with the idea to re-create some of the old and used wine barrels made out of solid oak, into furniture. You can get to find multiple businesses today which sell oak furniture out of wine barrels such as Vinwood based in Stellenbosch which recreates oak barrels into chairs and other sorts of oak furniture , which come with the smell of old wineries too. Berlow Furniture uses the same system to create eco-friendly furniture made out of oak and they are located in Knysna, a port town located between Mossel Bay and Port Elizabeth.

Eco-friendly reclaimed timber, pine, teak and Blackwood furniture:
Eco Furniture Design is a great store with a great idea to reclaim and this way to recreate precious wood, which is quite rare in South Africa into furniture. The brand is based in Cape Town and they reclaim wood out of such wood that was previously used by different industries, which include all sorts of building leftovers for example. The furniture they produce is great quality and quite rustic. They have different furniture lines and they produce custom designed furniture. See their great collection for dining room, patio, living room, bedroom, office, storage and for all other home use. Check out the collections of Eco Furniture Design in Woodstock Cape Town. You can also buy and order furniture from the company’s website.

The creation of eco-friendly furniture is a great step in furniture making and a movement, which is well worth to grow international in order to protect our woods in great numbers. Check out these great green furniture companies in South Africa for quality eco-friendly furniture.