Fireplaces South Africa

There is simply nothing that can make a home as cosy and warm in atmosphere than a fireplace. We people kept fire at home from the ancient times to keep ourselves warm, to help with the cooking and to bring light to the room. Ancient fireplaces today epitomize the classic homes, which you can mainly get to see in Europe from where it went on a conquest to the Americas and all the other continents, most countries of which have kept them, even after the colonial times. Let’s see how the trends of fireplaces look like in South Africa, a post British colony and where can we get the best fireplaces in the country.

It is important to note that there are lots of different sorts of fireplaces, starting from the stoves and ovens, which are very widely used at farms, ranches and all the rural areas for heating and cooking to today’s closed fireplaces which are only used for decoration reasons. The most popular fireplaces however are still those, which you can get to use for warming and has a small see-through window for the flames as well. These antique looking fireplaces do not cost lots of money to use and do not occupy much space either. Some of the most beautiful old style standing fireplaces can be seen at Morso that deals only with Danish fireplaces in South Africa, with sound success. Their fireplaces look fantastic, do not occupy much space, they are standing and has different sizes, with each one providing both heating and warming possibilities for their owners. They serve as a beautiful addition to any kitchen or living room.

When talking about fireplaces, we must mention a very South African sort of fireplace, which serves as the local barbeque. It is called Braai and it is widely used by all families at family gatherings or simply during the weekends. Braai is a fireplace and a grilling device in one and it is extremely popular offered my most fireplace producing companies. You can get to see Braais in several size and type all across South Africa.

Today, there are different sorts of fireplaces in use in South Africa. With the arriving of conscious using of any sort of energy, there is several energy saving options offered by the companies that produce them. You can choose between gas and wood burning fireplaces, open and closed fireplaces and built in and classic open fireplaces that are counted quite rare though, mainly because of all the possible dangers, they represent and for all the mess they leave all around. You can also get to see fake and electric fire fireplaces, which are solely for decoration reasons. Other successful brands where you can get to see or order fireplaces in South Africa include Finest Fires, which offer the products of multiple international companies and it has its regional showrooms in Gauteng, Kwa Zulu Natal, Eastern Cape and Western Cape too.

Bio-Fire offers multiple sorts of great fireplaces, from built-in fireplaces to wood burning fireplaces featuring designs and products from all around Europe. Not only do they offer some of the most beautiful designs they also promise that each one of their fireplace stores energy and provide a great addition to the heating system of a flat or a house. Bio-Fire has a Cape Town and a Johannesburg centre. The company has no specific public showroom but are widely available through the internet and over the phone.

If you want to get the highest quality Italian fireplaces and pizza ovens, check out the stores of Calore, located all around South Africa offering rather modern looking fireplaces.

Needless to say, that there are dozens of companies more which deal with the selling or reselling of all sorts of different fireplaces with all company offering also outdoors barbeque or Braai sets additionally. Fireplaces really have the ability to instantly transfer any place to “home” and in South Africa too, they are really worth checking out.