French Furniture South Africa

When looking around all the furniture stores in South Africa, you will notice how great variety there is to furniture in this great country. Quite interestingly, while Cape Town seems to be the centre of contemporary and British antique and colonial style furniture the French furniture stores of South Africa seem to be centred in Johannesburg. Let us look at what makes French furniture so attractive and let us see some of the best local brands in South Africa that you can visit.

France is the centre of style and fashion and its furniture and the so-called Parisian or Provence feeling to homes has become just as trendy these years such as British Victorian or British country furniture. All these great styles add to the warm feeling of a home and they are extremely bought just every part of the world. When talking about French furniture, we can differentiate between the classic Parisian style furniture and the rustic Provence country furniture. There is no one who would not have seen or read about these great sorts of furniture, which mostly come in light shades to make homes light, warm and friendly. French furniture has inspired lots of international furniture makers and there are lots of furniture stores in South Africa to generate huge profits out of selling imported French furniture and home accessories. Let us get to see three of the most popular furniture stores that sell French furniture in South Africa, especially in Johannesburg.

Le Chateau is a must-see furniture store for those who look for real imported furniture coming mainly from France. They do not specifically differentiate between the different styles but they do have huge stock coming straight from France. They deal with all sorts of French style furniture, from Parisian to Provence Country style furniture. They also deal with a great variety of French antique furniture that goes back as far as till the age of Louis the 15th. They also sell similar amounts of antique accessories and French accessories. Their chandeliers, wallpapers, mirrors with lamps are a must-see. Find great oak and walnut French furniture at the stores of Le Chateau that are located in Fourways and in Kramerville district of Johannesburg.

Cottonwood Trading Company is a furniture retailer that used to operate as a French furniture retailer for other furniture stores, but it has stopped this activity a couple of years ago and today it solely sells its furniture to the public. If you look for the finest pieces of French furniture, alongside fitting accessories of all sorts, you should check the store of Cottonwood out. Although the furniture of Cottonwood is a sort of reproduction furniture, which was made with high care to look like an older sort of French furniture and its made in Indonesia and other South East Asian countries. You can find here classic, contemporary, country and industrial furniture all being inspired by classic French furniture designs and designers. You can get to find one of the largest French furniture collections at Cottonwood Trading Company. You can find Cottonwood’s store in Johannesburg based in Kyalami Business Park. For all those living outside of town, Cottonwood also sells its furniture and accessories online with countrywide delivery.

If you want get transported from South Africa to the areas of beautiful Provence, don’t miss out on paying a visit to the store of The French Attic, which only sells French Country style furniture in beautiful variety. Here, you will see only original furniture, which is nicely reproduced by The French Attic. You can really find magical pieces of French furniture in this store for every rooms of a home and they offer beautiful outdoor furniture as well. You can really recreate your home to become a Provence style paradise with the help of the genuine French furniture of The French Attic where you can find lots of décor ideas and accessories as well. The French Attic is located in West Turffontein district of Johannesburg. Its website is well worth visiting for more info and beautiful photos of its furniture.

These are some of the must-see stores of South Africa. You can get to find impeccable quality French furniture here, no matter you like the Parisian city-style or the rustic Provence style of furniture. With the help of the furniture and accessories of these great brands, you can really recreate your home into becoming a French style paradise.