Furniture City South Africa

Furniture City is one of South Africa’s leading furniture brands, especially when it comes to affordable furniture. The brand has over 30 stores all across South Africa and has a nice variety of collections that makes it all the more popular. Let us check out what is worth knowing about Furniture City and where to find its stores in South Africa.

Furniture City is a huge brand in South Africa offering contemporary furniture collections for all customers. The brand is one of the first furniture stores that have decided also to offer their collection online. Furniture City also has other two websites called Appliance City and Dial-a-bed both which offering specialised goods for the customers. As for the style, Furniture City has mostly classic-contemporary style furniture that is to the like of most people today. They keep track of the latest trends and offer their collections accordingly. You can find a large collection of furniture in here, most of which are produced in Asia or imported from other countries.

Furniture City is one of the cheapest furniture ranges in South Africa today and it is currently the only big furniture brand, which also offers home appliances such as kitchen appliances, washing machines and dryers. The stores of Furniture City also have a great deal of audiovisual appliances, which include TVs, DVDs and home theatres.

Let us see what we can find at Furniture City when it comes to furniture:
• Bedroom: You have the chance here to choose from entire collections and to buy furniture one by one. There are multiple collections here, which you can see nicely arranged, giving you a basic idea on how the furniture looks like in a home. No matter it is about single or queen beds, tallboys, pedestals, drawers and chests, you can find all there at Furniture City.
• Dining room: No matter your flavour is contemporary or rather classy, you have a great choice of furniture to choose your dining room furniture from. With a wide choice of dining chairs and tables, Furniture City represents a nice collection of dining room furniture.
• Lounge: Chairs, coaches and all sorts of lounge suites come in this collection in all size and colour depending on the actual size of space customers are looking for.
• Occasional: Here you can find some interesting furniture such as coffee tables, shelves and other attractive looking products.
• Office: Office furniture is about home office room or corner to be made inside someone’s home. You can find here nice office desks, computer desks and office-style shelves and storage place.
• Accessories: Here you can find important additions to your furniture such as mirrors, coat hangers and other small or big stuff that can indeed serve you well if you buy it.

You can shop online and offline in the stores of Furniture City. Once you created an account, you can buy the furniture you like with online payment. You can find the stores of Furniture City everywhere in South Africa. One of their most visited stores is located along Canal Walk in Cape Town. Check out the collections of Furniture City, if you want to buy everything in your home all in one or if you simply look for a great furniture set.