Furniture Repair in South Africa

In the age when it is possible to buy cheap or easily dispensable furniture, we do not think about furniture repair as we used to, yet when it comes to quality furniture that can indeed be saved, sometimes by a simple re-upholstery, it is indeed worth looking for a quality furniture repair, instead of just dropping out your furniture. Let us see some of the best and most popular furniture repair stores in South Africa in our guide.

You need quality furniture repair either if you buy a vintage or antique furniture and it is more or less damaged or if you would like to re-upholster your bed, sofa or armchair in order to have them shine in their old light again. Just to add, most antique dealers do renovation and repair themselves and this is true to the smaller vintage furniture brands. Let us see some great furniture repair stores per city in South Africa, for you to know where to take your furniture when it needs a quick or a more thorough repair:

Cape Town
Wood Strippers: located in Wetton, Cape Town Wood Strippers is a professional furniture repair and restoring company that deals with great quality restoration of vintage, antique or any sort of wood furniture. They also deal with re-upholstery, and in their stores, we can also buy original restored furniture and antique replicas as well,

The Furniture Repair Centre: located in Claremont, Cape Town this is one of the most popular furniture repair centres of Cape Town because they are cheap and they do all sorts of repair and renovation services. No matter it comes to re-colouring, re-ducoing, re-upholstery, re-caning and even re-designing your furniture you can freely turn to the Furniture Repair Centre.

Fine Pieces: Located along Auckland Street very close to Voortrekker Road, which is the main place to find second hand furniture stores and repairs, the store of Fine Pieces deals with all sorts of furniture renovation and re-upholstery.

Johannesburg / Pretoria
Furniture Clinic: Johannesburg based furniture repair clinic which offers a great deal of furniture repair services such as the restoring of wooden furniture, re-painting of furniture, special painting elements to make furniture look antique in different ways, re-upholstery, repairing of rattan furniture and all other ways of making a furniture look its best.

Redecorate: this business deals with both new and old furniture and does furniture repair on multiple levels. Their store is located in Birnam Johannesburg. This business deals with the making of custom furniture as per order.

Signature Living: this is not simply a furniture repair but offers outstanding services in order to make a furniture look great, more antique with several different painting technologies. They deal with all sorts of furniture. Find Signature living in Thaba Park Durban.

Furniture repair is a great business, with the help of which you can really renovate and even re-invent your furniture in order for it to look even greater than before. Today’s furniture repair stores are all in connection with antique and vintage furniture dealers and they are a sellers themselves too, so, next to furniture repair you can get to find some great furniture at furniture repair businesses in South Africa.