Furniture Stores South Africa

South Africa is one of the biggest and most important countries of the African continent. The large country that occupies almost the entire Southern end of the continent is extremely popular to visit, thanks to its gorgeous landscapes, highly valued nature reserves and for its beautiful historical cities, such as Cape Town, which is widely regarded as the city with the most beautiful situation in the whole world. Let us explore the furniture stores and some of the most important furniture brands of South Africa this time.

South Africa is a large country with some of the most diverse population and history, which make the country to carry multiple cultural effects ranging from African Tribal till the cultural effect of the Dutch then the British Empire which have made the country basically tri or four lingual with English and Boorish being the two main spoken languages officially. Thanks to the rich and long lasting European cultural effects, South Africa is full of stores and art works led by those whose European heritage seems and well treasured. On the other hand, despite the rich antique effect, South Africa is also highly contemporary with its furniture industry being on the road of recreation in order to become a more dominant industrial force in the region. This is why you can get to find a whole diverse range of furniture in the different regions of South Africa in all sorts of different styles.

The main regions of South Africa include Gauteng, with the capital cities Johannesburg and Pretoria, the Western Cape, with its capital city Cape Town, the Eastern Cape with the main cities of Port Elizabeth and East London, Northern Cape with its main city Kimberley, Free State with its main city Bloemfontain, KwaZulu Natal with its capital city Durban. The rest of the 3 regions, namely North West, Mpumalanga and Limpopo are mainly famous for their beautiful nature reserves and national parks.

When it comes to furniture stores in South Africa, we mainly look at the variety in the four biggest cities of the country, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Pretoria. When it comes to shopping, it is definitely Cape Town that represents the centre of the country and Cape Town has a rich cultural and artistic life full of great furniture brands which you can get to find in beautiful shopping areas such as the Canal Walk or the Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village, which is full of great furniture stores. Johannesburg has a great variety of furniture stores as well, with such popular brands as Hartmann & Keppler, Bakos Brothers, Design Plus, Wetherly’s and we could go on. In Durban, the best places to find great furniture stores include the Lucia Mall and the fantastic Gateway Theatre of Shopping, with both shopping malls representing a large number of local furniture brands.

South African furniture industry is soon to experience a sound success, as several new and bright local interior designers make the furniture variety much more colourful and unique than it used to be. The country is also full of great stores representing antique, contemporary and green or eco-friendly furniture as well. If you are in South Africa, check out the great furniture stores in your respective city and you are guaranteed to come up with some superb looking pieces or accessories for your flat.

The most popular furniture stores in the country are Weytlands, House & Home, Rochester, @Home, Coricraft, Nevada Furniture, Red Apple, OK Furniture, Sutherlands Home Furnishing among others.