Home Depot South Africa

Home Depot is one of most popular furniture stores of Cape Town, which offer a nice range of furniture on the more affordable side. The brand being one of the biggest chains limited to Cape Town exclusively and definitely one furniture brand to visit has more than 5 stores on different parts of the city. In our article, we would like to represent you to Home Depot, its furniture and collections in Cape Town, South Africa.

Home Depot offers a nice range of furniture and further accessories to your home. The brand was planned and created to represent a more affordable choice of furniture for all those who do not have the budget to buy high-priced products. Home Depot prides itself for being a friendly brand, offering most of its furniture coming from import resellers. The brand deals with imported furniture that it gets from Asia therefore it can stay competitive with its prices.

Audio and Display Units: This collection includes all sorts of TV stands and wall units which look great in any living room, in all size and in diverse colours.

Barstools: Barstools serve as good additions to any kitchen where there is a built-in counter or a bar by any chance.

Bedroom: All you need in a bedroom from beds to chests, drawers and tallboys, you can get to see and buy in this collection of Home Depot.

Coffee Tables: A great addition to any sofa sets coffee table is a must-have piece of furniture to any lounge or hall. Here you can get to choose the form and the size of coffee table that you like the most. Choose between glass and wooden coffee tables in this collection.

Dining Tables and Chairs: In this collection, you can get to choose from 5 to 7 seat dining sets for your dining room.

Fabric Sofas: Certainly coming much cheaper than a leather sofa, here you can see a nice variety of fabric sofas. It is important to mention that Home Depot also does upholstery to its fabric sofas.

Leather Sofas: Choose one of the elegant leather sofas of Home Depot that come for highly competitive prices and have great quality and nice diversity of colours.

Occasional Goods: Here you can find just anything that does not suit the above-mentioned collections and they can be found at Home Depot stores occasionally such as lamps, occasional chairs, rattan sets and other goods.

Find the stores of Home Depot in the following destinations in Cape Town: Blue Route Mall, Canal Walk Superstore, Home Depot Clearance Centre, Montague Gardens, N1 City Mall, Promenade Mall, Mitchells Plain and Somerset Mall.

Home Depot guarantees delivery within 14 days in the area of Cape Town for customised re-upholstered sofas. Check out the great and affordable furniture collections of Home Depot stores which you can find in all the areas of the large city.