Indonesian Furniture South Africa

Apart from the fact that they continuously lack a great variety of local wood South Africa has a highly developed furniture industry, both in terms of locally made and in terms of imported furniture. It is not a secret that a large majority of furniture sold in South Africa comes from South East Asia, most dominantly from Indonesia. Therefore, several South African furniture producers think that the large amounts of imported furniture harms the local furniture industry, especially because of their extremely cheap prices. Yet Indonesian furniture is beautiful especially when it is represented in its original, classical shapes and ways. In our article, we would like to represent you with some of the Indonesian furniture dealers that deal with the selling of traditional Indonesian furniture.

A great deal of South African furniture is in fact made in South East Asia, especially in countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. Big furniture chains such as Furniture City or OK Furniture import a great deal of their furniture from Indonesia, in order to be able to cut down on the prices and yet to be able to buy large quantities of competitive quality furniture. Yet, real traditional Indonesian furniture is much more than that. If you get to see how beautiful does antique or classic style Indonesian furniture looks like, you would really be surprised to see all the clash of different cultural and art styles in order to form a very unique yet classy outlook, which look great in any room or home. There are a few sellers of antique and classic Indonesian furniture in South Africa who do not build on selling furniture cheaply but rather on selling something outstanding in their collection. Let’s get to see some of the best dealers of traditional Indonesian furniture in South Africa:

Indonesian Furniture Warehouse – Pretoria
Indonesia has had its fair share of British colonialism and this shows greatly in their furniture culture as well. At Furniture warehouse, you can get to see some of the most outstanding examples of South East Asian Colonial and Victorian style antique furniture that at times show traces of Asian artwork and style as well. Indonesian Furniture Warehouse sells real originals that are more than worth seeing especially when you look for some entirely unique furniture in your home. Out of the collections here, you can re-create a whole Victorian household in your home! You can find beautiful creations here made out of mahogany, mango and teak.

Melonwoods Indonesian Furniture – Durban
Melonwoods sells a great variety of South East Asian furniture, which includes Java and Bali furniture too. Next to teak and mahogany, you can get to find here a great deal of outdoors rattan furniture as well. Melonwoods also has furniture which is eco-friendly made out of recycled wood. The company offers furniture for every room and for all sorts of different storage. Despite having its store, Melonwoods also sells its products through a large number of retailers. Find Melonwoods head store in Amanzimtoti, Durban.

The Bali Collection
This chain of antique seller sells some of the most beautiful collections of outstanding antique furniture coming from Bali, Indonesia, and other former colonies. Their collection is a must-see. Check out The Bali Collection stores in Gauteng, Pretoria and Limpopo.

Check out the outstanding stores where you will be able to find a unique collection of Indonesian furniture in Colonial and Victorian styles. If you want to get real historical pieces of furniture in your home, do not miss visiting one or all of these great stores in South Africa.