Leather Furniture South Africa

South Africa has a great leather furniture industry and it has a large number of brands that are popular for their high quality leather brands. Let us see what sort of leather is used for furniture in South Africa and some of the most outstanding brands that you should check out when looking for leather furniture in the different cities.

There are four main types of leather used in South Africa for the making of high quality leather furniture: Bovine, Kudu, Oryx and Buffalo leather. There are several sorts of leather preparations used in the leather industry that include fulle aniline, semi-aniline, oil-pull up, buffed leather and nubuck or suede leather. Each variant have their different features and therefore customers are always given instructions in the better leather furniture stores about the correct usage and the best treatment types of all the different leather furniture.

Let us see some of the best South African leather furniture brands and where to find them in the country:

Incanda Leather Furniture: this is a young brand, which was founded in 2003 by Gerard Van Deventer who worked in leather upholstery for a while before establishing his own company. Van Deventer created an outstanding company with Incanda, which is a great mixture of quality products and great design spirit. A real South Africa furniture brand Incanda has grown out to become one of the highest quality furniture brands in terms of leather sofas, chairs, beds, ottomans and other great products. The style of Incanda is various but each product has its distinctive African feeling to them. Find the stores of Incanda in Durban, Paarl and Pretoria.

Leather Gallery: this brand works with and creates high quality leather furniture, such as recliners, chairs, sofas, lounge sets and they are among the best brands in KwaZulu Natal region where you can get to find its stores at 4 different locations: Springfield Value Centre, Richards Bay, Pietermaritzburg and in Shelly Beach. Leather Gallery is so popular that it also deals with the exporting of its fine quality leather furniture.

Coricraft: Coricraft has been one of the best contemporary furniture makers in South Africa for the past 20 years and the brand is one of the biggest in the country with over 30 stores in every bigger city of the country. The beautiful leather seating sets of Coricraft are widely popular in South Africa and they come in all different colours and styles. This brand is not cheap but guarantees fine quality and absolutely trendy outlook.

7Sevens: this outstanding brand is specialised in leather sofas and professional upholstery. There is no style that you wouldn’t be able to find at 7Sevens and their colours of choice are diverse. The style of 7Sevens is highly contemporary, and if you are looking for brand new trends, do not miss visiting 7Sevens. Fine the stores of 7Sevens in Johannesburg (Fourways and Northcliff), Pretoria (Silver Lakes).

There are many other great leather furniture producers in South Africa, which are located mainly in Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg and Durban areas. If you would like to find affordable leather furniture, check out the stores of Furniture City, Morkels and Home Depot as well.