Lewis Furniture South Africa

Lewis is one of the biggest furniture retail brands of South Africa and it is among the few brands that take part in multiple charity and social responsibility related activities. Let us see what is worth knowing about Lewis Furniture and their furniture collections in South Africa.

Lewis Furniture is one of the exceptional furniture brands in South Africa, where you can really buy everything for your home from electronics, to kitchenware, from audio/visual appliances to kitchen and bathroom furniture and appliances. The brand has opened its very first stores 76 years ago, from where it could grow to become the leading furniture retailer of South Africa. Lewis Furniture is part of the Lewis Group, which deals with multiple brands that include Best Home and Electric and My Home Brands.

Most importantly, Lewis is currently the only big furniture retail brand that also sells kitchens in their collections. Lewis has altogether 436 stores all around South Africa and it has opened outlets in neighbouring countries such as Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland. You can find a Lewis store in nearly every towns and cities of South Africa. Lewis has different range of stores from the huge outlets offering everything to the smaller stores that have a more specialised array of goods on offer. Lewis has a large electronic catalogue, an immense furniture catalogue and you can really buy everything in your home, when you get to go to Lewis Furniture.

The brand does not only have affordable furniture and appliances: it also offers various forms of credits for those who cannot afford to buy furniture all in one.

Let us see the furniture types and collections that Lewis has on offer:
• Bedroom suites: 2 to 4 piece complete bedroom sets in great variety
• Bedroom units: include all the different sorts of wardrobes and multi-robe closets
• Dining room suites: 5 to 9 piece dining sets sometimes coming with other supporting furniture
• Kitchen Furniture : various sorts and sizes of kitchen sets coming in diverse styles
• Lounge Suites and Lounge Tables
• Occasional Furniture - home office sets and corners
• Wall units for living rooms, which also include entertainment units and TV tables

Lewis Furniture is not only a great furniture retailer but it’s very famous for its outstanding charity work with which it helps the poor children in different South African neighbourhoods. Lewis donates money for children healthcare and it is also involved in several projects to help to build homes for orphans and finances new kitchen facilities in multiple schools, so that they can provide food for the students. Lewis Group has 10 adopted schools for this it helps with donations, in order to protect its students’ health and wellbeing. This way, when you buy furniture at any Lewis store, not only you get a great piece or set but this way, you also help, together with Lewis Group.

Check out the great deals on furniture at Lewis Furniture that you can find in every cities of South Africa. For more information on the addresses, check out the website of the brand, according to the location you are at.