Lighting South Africa

When it comes to interior design, we must not forget to mention the large importance of a room’s actual lighting. Although it is sometimes underrated but with the proper and well-placed lighting you can reach dramatic changes to a room’s atmosphere, can enlarge a room or when necessary making it smaller. Therefore, the proper lighting is a key to a room’s perfect design and use. In our article, we would like to represent you with some of the best places in South Africa to buy lighting instruments, which includes lamps, LEDs and all sorts of built-in lighting solutions.

Although normally quite underrated when it comes to arts and interior design culture, South Africa is indeed starting to become a real diamond of Africa in terms of contemporary interior design and furniture design culture. The country is in fact full of talent and you will quickly recognise this once you start looking around a bit especially in one of the big cities of South Africa, where arts culture is in full bloom, especially when it comes to Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Today, most lighting companies deal with the production or selling of different specific energy-saving light bulbs which can often dramatically reduce the volume and price of the used energy. Let’s see some of the biggest lighting companies of South Africa which have stores all across the country. After this list, we will also tell you where to find some of the unique lighting in the country.

• Eagle Lighting: Having stores in all the bigger cities of South Africa Eagle Lighting deals with both private and commercial entities, therefore it has an extremely wide collection of different lighting system from lamps to garden lights. Eagle Lighting works with LED lights, which is currently among the strongest among all the energy saving lighting options.

• K-light Import: Destined for those with more specific flavour K-Light has lots of unique lamps and chandeliers on offer in every size and style. The company deals with imported designs of a handful of European companies; therefore, it is really worth visiting. You can find breathtakingly beautiful and almost unbelievable lighting designs in the collection of K-Light. The company has two stores with one located in Cape Town and the other in Johannesburg.

• Eurolux: One of the biggest lighting specialised companies Eurolux also produces its own lightbulbs and lighting systems. The company is also the biggest lighting company in South Africa with practically dozens of stores in every region.

• Q-Lite: The Durban based company is one of the best South Africa based lighting specialists, dealing with all sorts of lighting systems from wall to floor to ceiling lighting with a more than extensive collection. Today, the company has offices also in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Q-Lite is currently the only company which offers free design and layout planning.

• Block & Chisel: The Company which South Africa’s best producer of British Country style furniture is also on top when it comes to suitable lighting to its great collections. Check out if you like the warm and traditional light in your home.

If you are looking for real artistic contemporary lighting designs in South Africa, you must check out the décor stores of Woodstock and the Waterfront Canal Walk areas that are the richest in interior design stores such as Vamp, Entrepo, L’Emile et Son or Okha, with each store offering wonderfully unique lighting solutions among other great accessories and designs. And in case you are looking for candelabras and antique style lamps visit the antique stores of Kalk Bay located in Cape Town, which is the current cultural centre of South Africa.