Living Room Furniture South Africa

Living room is undoubtedly the most important part of any home. If should be furnished well, friendly and should have a nice “home” like atmosphere, of course suiting one’s specific flavour. Naturally, the furnishing of our living room depends on so many things, which includes the actual space available, the size of a family and the lifestyle and taste of one individual. In South Africa, the furniture industry is experiencing a great phase being on the way to become famous for its many contemporary and classic furniture designers. Let us check out some of the most outstanding furniture makers in South Africa according to their respective styles.

Antique and colonial living room furniture
De Waal Furniture: The Mpumalanga based company is a real expert in terms of old style furniture and they work with a great variety of wood. De Waal has multiple lines of furniture out of which you should definitely see the Specials and the African Loom furniture collection. All their furniture are handmade and a definitely must-see.

Morkels: Morkels is a furniture chain that has a wide variety of antique style furniture sets. You can find the stores of Morkels in every bigger city of South Africa. Morkels has some of the biggest collections of living room furniture and offers a large number of lounge sets in diverse styles. Their baroque and colonial style wood furniture is very popular all across South Africa.

Hartmann & Keppler: very famous for its dark Victorian style rustic furniture this brand has several fans in South Africa. The living room furniture of Hartmann & Keppler is overly famous for all those who love the classic rustic forms of great quality furniture. The brand is based in Johannesburg with stockists in Pretoria, Bloemfontein and Kimberley.

British Country and classic furniture
Block & Chisel: there is no better example to classic British style country furniture than the handmade collections of Block & Chisel with a wide range of living room furniture and great seating sets. The brand is among the oldest and most popular in the country. Check out their collection if you want to give your home a warm and friendly feeling. The furniture of Block & Chisel is mainly of lighter shade. Check out the showrooms of Block & Chisel in Cape Town’s Chelsea Village quarter and the one in Diep River. If you are in Johannesburg, you can find the brand’s store along Jan Smuts Avenue.

Vintage furniture:
OKHA: OKHA is a local South African brand and represents a very interesting sort of furniture style, a blend of 50s-60s vintage, classy and modern contemporary styles. The great vintage style furniture looks overly modern with such lines, that you can only get to see in the old European and American movies. Therefore, this store is a definite must-see. Find OKHA’s store in Cape Town along Hatfield Street.

Contemporary furniture:
The Modern Home Company: with a showroom in Cape Town and another in Sandton Johannesburg, this brand is emerging to become one of the most outstanding contemporary furniture brands of South Africa. Find some great, funny and colourful living room furniture in the showrooms of the Modern Home Company.

These are some of the most outstanding furniture brands of South Africa when it comes to living room furniture. For great leather sofas, you should check out the stores of Incanda. If you would like affordable living room furniture, visit the stores of Furniture City.