Lounge Furniture South Africa

Lounge furniture has key importance to the whole outlook of a home; let it be a flat or a house. The lounge or as it is also called the living room is the place where the family spends the majority of their time during the day. Therefore, it is essential for a lounge to be cosy, to serve all family members well and have great suitable storage place inside. Of course, how you furnish your lounge is absolutely up to your personal taste and space available in the room. We have browsed and selected a few outstanding South Africa furniture brands that are great to check out, when it comes to lounge furniture in this great country. Let us see where to find these.

South Africa has a classic taste in furniture and therefore most furniture brands feature rich collections of colonial style and British country style furniture. Of course, the secret of a great lounge is to have a great place where family members can sit down, rest and spend a relaxing time together while it is very important to find the best sort of furniture for the space available in your living room. Therefore, let us see some of the great South African brands that offer great quality lounge furniture in South Africa:

In South Africa, there are different specialised brands for many things and this is exactly the case, when it comes to all sorts of seating furniture. If you want to see the best choice of chairs, armchairs and recliners, we definitely suggest you to check out two local brands, Okha and Coricraft, both of which are great when it comes to any sort of seating furniture. These two brands feature a huge variety of armchairs, ottomans and recliners. If you want to check out lounge sets, which are key parts of any lounge, start your search at the stores of Morkels that has a great variety of lounge sets, which include 2-3 piece sofa seating sets and corner lounge suites. Other places to find lounge furniture in Cape Town, including the stores of UFO, Lewis, Weylandts, Coricraft, Rochester, Nevada Furniture, Decofurn, and so on.

There is a great variety of South African furniture all across the country by various furniture making brands, out of which some of the classiest lounge furniture makers include Harmann & Keppler which deal with great classic British country and Victorian style wooden lounge furniture. Block & Chisel, another great old South African furniture brand is the specialist of beautiful warm British Country furniture and its stores in Cape Town and Johannesburg are definitely a must-see for all those who would like a real classy lounge for themselves.

Generally, apart from classic, vintage and antique style furniture, there is a growing interest in contemporary furniture, which also includes eco-furniture, out of which you can find more and more all across the country. Check out the stores of Green Living, one pioneer of eco-friendly furniture in South Africa. Other great contemporary furniture makers include The Modern Home Company, which is simply great and overly popular for its funny and colourful furniture sets. If you want to check out further great contemporary furniture stores, check out Cape Town’s Kalk Bay area, which is full of great new lines of lounge furniture design.

Your lounge area is one of the most frequently used place in your house. So you should buy the best possible furniture sets here. Fortunatelly there are lots of reliable stores all over South Africa, so you have to decide the style you want only.