Mirrors South Africa

South Africa hides much more treasure than diamonds that made the country so well-known all across the world. In the past decades, culture and arts have been flourishing in the big cities of South Africa and today, this country has some of the most diverse, however still underrated arts culture. Furniture-making and the creation of beautiful home accessories, such as mirrors is gaining more and more importance in this country and in our article we would like to represent you with some of the best places where you can get to find home accessories, beautiful mirrors for your home.

Mirrors are such home accessories that are definitely must-haves, but due to the modern-furniture making, which made the inclusion of mirrors in furniture possible, the importance of these have somewhat diminished in the Eighties and Nineties. Mirrors, however, are enjoying a newly important role today, when it comes to home interiors. Beautiful and well placed mirrors can and do dramatically change a room’s overall effect, outlook and can even provide handy when it comes to making a room lighter or to improve a room’s lighting. A beautifully framed mirror is almost a must-have when we have a classic lounge with a fireplace. The emerging South African interior designers have also made mirrors real objet ‘arts providing us with fantastic and diverse designs.

Let us provide you with a handful of must-see furniture and interior design stores where you can get to find the unique designs of mirrors around South Africa.

Antique/ Classic Mirrors:
Cape Town has really become the goldmine of furniture hunters over the past decade. Combining the new with the old, you can get to find some of the best furniture and accessories stores in the downtown, Woodstock and Kalk Bay area of this city. There are lots of stores which specialise themselves in giving the old a new, unique outlook, offering completely alone standing mirrors and further home accessories. If you are looking for real and refurbished antique mirrors check out Vamp Furniture, Strawberry & Lime both being in Woodstock and Space for Life at Foreshore. A great brand to check out for classy, antique and British Country style mirrors is Block & Chisel with multiple stores around Cape Town and a totally unique collection. If you hunt for classic mirrors in Johannesburg, don’t miss out on the stores of Le Chateau with one located at Fourways and the other in Kramerville offering original antique mirrors in huge variety.

Modern and artistic mirrors:
If you have a modern flat and you are looking for modern style mirrors check out @Home Furniture, which is one of the most popular stores in South Africa for everyone hunting for accessories, textiles and kitchenware from all around the world. @Home offers mirrors in all shape and size. Another great company is Coricraft, offering contemporary –cut and artistic mirrors with stores in all the bigger cities of South Africa. If you look for mirrors as an Objet D’Art wanting to create an entirely hip flat, then don’t miss out on visiting the Cape Town based OKHA having some of the most artistic mirrors in South Africa. If you want to browse the mirror-artworks of international artists, then you ought to check out the store of the Modern Furniture Company, that represents the newest designs of mirrors from Italy, France and all across the world.

Upon your search for mirrors, you will have the chance to experience the newly developing arts culture of South Africa, which is soon to become world famous thanks to the rich cultural effects that South Africa receives from all across the world. Although the best places to find furniture of all style and type are still somewhat limited to Cape Town and Johannesburg areas, the above-mentioned stores play a very important role in the re-establishing and flourishing cultural life of South Africa.

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