Modern Furniture South Africa

South Africa, although not extremely famous for its furniture industry and designs yet has plenty of great furniture producers when it comes to any sort of furniture from antique to modern, contemporary furniture. Let us check of the best upcoming modern furniture brands in South Africa alongside their location.

South Africa is a destination where several new things and designs come up, thanks to the creativity of local furniture designers and producers. The country has an ongoing trend of classic, British style and country style furniture but of course, the modern furniture brands are on the rise too. We can hear of new furniture making methods as well which new colour in South African furniture making. These new methods come with the sheer lack of lots of classic wood that South African furniture makers have to have imported in the country, which costs lots of money and extra wood. Therefore, there is a new trend in local furniture making and this is called eco-furniture producing. This way, furniture makers will not use new wood to make furniture but use diverse parts of leftover wood and recreate then from such old furniture that really fell to pieces. For oak furniture, several furniture producers use leftover oak wine barrels and this has proved to become a great business, in local modern furniture making. Brands such as the Cape Town based Eco–Furniture Design, produce classy and modern furniture from leftover wood for a friendly price.

Other great modern furniture makers include two outstanding local brands Okha and Coricraft. These two designer brands have earned plenty of international attention too, thanks to their great unique style collections and great deal of furniture. OKHA is one of the pioneers of South African modern furniture designs and it has really become one of the most up street brands of South Africa. You can find a great deal of contemporary furniture designs at OKHA which really stands out with its sofa and living room furniture with its clear colours and great lines which at times bring the new and the old styles together. Find the store of OKHA in Cape Town located at Hatfield Street Gardens.

Coricraft is another representative of modern furniture design that has been in the South African market over the past twenty years. The great brand has always been known as one of the most inspirational contemporary furniture brands of South Africa, where you can buy furniture even for a more affordable price. Coricraft is also among the most available upstreet modern furniture brands with having stores all around South Africa in every bigger city. Excluding South Africa, the brand has also opened stores in neighbouring countries, such as Botswana’s capital city Gaborone. Apart from furniture, Coricraft also offers high-level interior design services.

The capital of modern furniture designers in South Africa is definitely Cape Town, which is widely treated as the cultural capital of the country. Check out the great designers such as Peter J A Stuart, The Modern Home Company or SieMatic Furniture for more inspiration.