Morkels Furniture South Africa

If you are into antique looking solid wood furniture in South Africa, you should not miss visiting Morkels Furniture. Not your everyday furniture producer Morkels has remarkable collections. Let us explore Morkels Furniture this time, together with its directions in South Africa.

Morkels is perhaps one of the most unique furniture producers and sellers in South Africa, with collections that you must see. Apart from its contemporary collections, Morkels offers rare collections of antique lookalike furniture as well, which is diverse in style and has a huge success among everyone, who would like something that stands out of the crowd and it is still much cheaper than the average antique furniture. The brand is operated in a chain having stores in multiple big cities of South Africa. Morkels is not only a successful but also quite an old furniture brand that was established in 1937. JD Group manages the brand since 2003. Morkels is a multiple award-winning brand that has won several quality awards over the past decades.

Morkels deals with the selling of Furniture, Electronics, Appliances, and has a Computer Range among its collections. Although the brand works as a chain of stores, you will not see the average contemporary collections of furniture in here. You can find antique style furniture at Morkels in different styles, which ranges from Colonial to even Rococo style. They offer a great deal of furniture for any home and their collections are considered as exclusive and non-ordinary collections and all this comes for an affordable price.

Let us see what sort of furniture you can find at Morkels:
• Kitchens: Morkels offers great kitchen parts and built-in kitchens made out of diverse sorts of wood. You have a great choice to choose the colour, the material and the outlook of your built-in kitchen.
• Bedroom suites: perhaps the most beautiful bedroom suites you can find here in picturesque collections. From antique to modern style, there are around 20 different collections to browse through.
• Lounge sets: offering great leather lounge sets in all shape and form, from antique to corner lounge suites.
• Wall units: the modern and antique looking wall units of Morkels certainly attract attention and provide useful storage place.
• Wardrobes: the brand offers a great selection of modern and antique looking wardrobes.
• Dining Room Furniture: great classic and antique looking dining sets to make eating not only a habit but a whole ceremony.
• Bed-sets: you can find a great collection of mattresses at Morkels depending on your sleeping needs.

As you can see, despite many furniture brands not offering kitchens, you can find these at Morkels, alongside all sorts of electronics and kitchenware, bathroom appliances that you normally would not find at one place.

Morkels has a wide success with its special 2 Year Guarantee which it offers with all of its furniture, being the one and only furniture brand which is doing so. Despite dealing with antique lookalike furniture Morkels has a great diversity it its collections and offers them in a surprisingly high variety. Here you can get not only antique but also modern sort of furniture. The brand offers discounts from time to time and has other great deals such as its new competition, the winner of which gets an all-inclusive holiday to picturesque Mauritius.

Check out Morkels Furniture where you will find plenty of furniture to furnish your home completely, including all appliances and accessories you may need along the way. Morkels Furniture is a huge furniture chain in South Africa the stores of which you can find in practically every cities. For more information and addresses, check out the website of Morkels.