OK Furniture South Africa

OK Furniture is one of the oldest, biggest and most successful affordable furniture brands of South Africa. Founded in 1927 the story of OK Furniture is a real success story. Let us take a deeper look at OK Furniture alongside its history and its collections this time.

OK Furniture is a real all-in-one affordable furniture business that operates over 100 stores in the area of South Africa. The brand was founded in Cape Town as early as in 1927 by two young men Michael Miller and Sam Cohen and by 1966, their furniture and retail group has grown so big that it started to create different divisions. Today, the whole business is part of the huge Shoprite Checkers Ltd., which is the biggest supermarket chain in South Africa. OK Furniture is among those who can give customers some of the best deals in terms of loan and credit, as their financing company also belongs to Shoprite Checkers. Thanks to its great quality furniture, the majority of which is produced in South Africa, OK Furniture today operates stores not only in South Africa but also in Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana and Namibia.

The variety of goods at OK Furniture is simply huge and it is because of their brand new division called OK Express, which deals with the selling of quality home, audio/visual appliances and deals with a large number of cell phones. OK Express also operates its individual stores out of which there are already 14 all across the country. Therefore, you can really get to buy close to everything in the stores of the brand.

OK Furniture is well known for its great advertising campaign and thanks to all the great deals, you can get to find in its stores, it is indeed one of the most visited furniture brands when it comes to affordable home furniture. Let us get to see what exactly we can get to buy at OK Furniture:

• Accessories and electronics: tools, cables, lamps, mirrors, you can buy everything in one place.
• Audio / Visual appliances: TVs, Radios, DVDs and everything else you would look for.
• Bedding: OK Furniture provides a nice variation of quality mattresses for its customers.
• Bedroom suites: great robes in all style and size.
• Dining room suite : attractive looking wooden dining sets.
• Home Appliances : kitchen and bathroom appliances in large variety.
• Kitchen and Kitchenware: you can buy separate kitchen units and plan your kitchen as you like.
• Linen : a nice variety of linen and bed-cloth with other textiles.
• Carpeting, loose carpeting or wall to wall carpets.
• Lounge : great quality leather seating sets coming in various size and colour.
• Small and big home appliances: stoves, washing machines, microwaves and everything else you need.
• Patio and Outdoor furniture, appliances and tools : from lawnmower to sundries you can find everything.

Ok Furniture has a quality wall-to-wall carpet service that comes with assistance. Also, you can order or shop furniture online on the website of OK Furniture after registering yourself. Ok Furniture is like an interesting blend of a furniture store and a hypermarket and it is a great place to go, no matter how big or small the furniture, tool or accessory you are looking for.