Rochester Furniture South Africa

Rochester Furniture is a Gauteng based furniture producer and retailer which offers high quality furniture in different styles and categories for the whole home. The brand is offering its products through its 14 stores that are mainly located in the area of Gauteng, with selling points located also in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Let us check out the offer of Rochester Furniture together with its products and price range.

Rochester Furniture was founded in 1994 with the main aim to produce high profile leather and wood furniture for its clients for still an affordable price. Rochester stands out from the crowd definitely for it providing coverings and finishes in addition to its products. The motto of Rochester is “Affordable Luxury Living” and the collections of Rochester are gaining a lot of recognition all around South Africa. Rochester Furniture, apart from providing different pre-made furniture collections for its customers also deals with the creation of custom furniture. Let us look at the various sorts of furniture collection Rochester is producing for its customers:

Lounge Furniture:
• Classic Furniture: In this collection, we can see various collections of leather furniture made out of primary quality leather coming in various colours and arrangements.
• Contemporary: This is a similar collection that comes in a little bit of different forms and in some outstanding colours.
• Fabric: this collection contains the upholstered lounge sets. Customers do have a wide choice here which fabric to choose if they would like to have their customized lounge set.
• Motion Comfort: This contains those sofas that have their built-in controls, which changes their form in various ways. You can see a wide range of convertible sofas and recliners.
• Laz Boy Collection: this collection includes specific recliners that have a built-in system to convert it in various ways. Laz Boy is a patented technology that sells only through carefully selected retailers all over the world.

Bedroom Furniture:
• Contemporary: This collection offers double, single and queen beds upholstered with various textiles coming in a nice variety. Currently you can find around 10 different collections here.
• Classic: If you like more rustic wooden beds with great classy shapes, then this collection is for you.
• Mattresses: Rochester furniture offers a special selection of mattresses that help sleep in different ways, depending on the respective type of mattress.

Dining Room: In this collection, you can find classic and contemporary dining room sets from 2 up to 9 seating places including tables in various sizes and forms.

Living Room: In the Classic and Contemporary collections of Living Room sets you can find great wood furniture which includes bookshelves, TV tables and units and classy or contemporary recliners.

Find the stores of Rochester Furniture in the following places which include both cities and shopping malls: Atterbury, Boksburg, Centurion, Mall@Carnival, Polokwane in Johannesburg, Gauteng , Port Elizabeth, Parkview, Randburg, Rustenburg, Strubens Valley, Stoneridge, Witbank, Woodmead in Eastern and Western Cape regions, Woodmead, Zambezi (Mozambique) and Nelspruit in Mpumalanga region.