Star Furniture South Africa

Star Furniture is not only a cheap furniture retailer in South Africa: what makes this brand famous and popular is the fact that most of their furniture is made in South Africa too. Let us check out Star Furniture and its various sorts of furniture collections, together with its main location in South Africa.

Star Furniture is a popular local furniture brand based in Pretoria and is famous for offering a large variety of affordable home furniture there. It has multiple outlets offering a wide range of home furniture. As for the style of their furniture, Star Furniture does its best to provide everyone with suitable sets that range from classy to more contemporary. Overall, Star Furniture’s furniture has a distinctive African touch to them and this is what also makes their collections unique. Star furniture is popular for their great leather sofa sets, overall it has a very large collection on lounge suites and corner lounge sets which suit in every sort of living room.

Star Furniture is very popular for having an all-in-one collection of furniture. Here you can also get kitchen furniture and all sorts of appliances. This means, from Star Furniture, you can furnish your whole home with the least effort.

Let us get to see the collections of Star Furniture:
• Lounge: In this collection, you can find lounge suites, wall units, TV cabinets, bookshelves.
• Kitchen: Star Furniture offers simple yet very affordable kitchen units in diverse styles and colours.
• Appliances: You can find stoves, microwave, fridge, washing machines and freezers at Star Furniture.
• Bedroom: In this collection, you can find great wardrobe sets in every size, plus beds and drawers. Beds come in every sort as well, from wall-beds to bunk beds. You can also find attractive bedroom sets as well.
• EBLO Mattresses: This sort of mattress has a vital importance in South Africa: these are made of a special material which keeps the mattress absolutely bug free. EBLO Mattress comes with 5 to 7 year warranty. Star Furniture has other specific sorts of pressure point relief system and thermo mattresses.
• Dining Room: In this collection, you can find attractive sets from 4 to 9 persons with lots of chairs and tables in the collection, which also includes bar stools.
• Study: furniture: In this, collection range from smaller kids’ study desk to bigger computer stands.

Star Furniture is extremely cheap and it is no secret that most of its shoppers are indeed those workers who cannot afford to buy higher priced furniture. Yet all Star Furniture come in good and durable quality, with many of them imported from South East Asia. Their special bug-free mattresses are really worth checking out and they offer a great deal of quality home appliances. For those who cannot afford to pay for a whole set or appliance, Star Furniture offers a 6 month –lay-buy option which means that customers pay 10% of the total fee, then have 6 months to pay for the rest of the furniture’s price.

Find Star Furniture in Pretoria at the following destinations: The Boulders Shopping Centre, at Pretoria North, at East Lynne and at Pretoria City Central, along Nana Sita (Skinner) Street.