Used Furniture South Africa

Used furniture is sold under plenty of different names that range from second-hand to vintage and even antique. Indeed, you can find some real treasures in a used furniture store and there is no better city for hunting for used furniture than Cape Town. Let us look around and see all the best gold mining routes for used furniture, which can even lead you find some real worthy pieces.

When it comes to shopping in South Africa, we suggest you to start your exploring tour in Cape Town, which is a really great place being full of stores, shops, flea markets and plenty of used furniture stores and sales, if you know where to look for these. Let us share some insider tips with you in order to start this exploration in the right place with the best stores for used furniture.

If you want a great exploration of second hand furniture, we suggest you to start your tour along Voortrekker Road that roughly starts by the Salt River running across the downtown area ending at Samlandhof quarter. We suggest you to get off from the bus at Bellville Central and check out the following great used furniture stores that are located the closest to there, namely the Pick A Bargain, Uncle Bob’s Cash & Pawn and Swop Shop. Although many of the used furniture you can get here may need a little or more restoration, you can spare lots of money and even end up finding some antiques that after some restoration can gloom in their old light.

In the downtown of Cape Town, there are two great stores to visit, lying pretty close to each other:

Space for Life sells retro and used furniture dating back in the 1950s imported mainly from the Scandinavian countries. The furniture you see here will not need any additional restoration as they are already beautifully restored. As this store is already considered more of a vintage store, expect some upper scale prices but the furniture you can see here is really worth examining. Space for Life store is located along Hans Strijdon Avenue nearby the bay area in Foreshore quarter

Milnerton Market is one of the best continuously ongoing flea markets of Cape Town, having long traditions. Here you can buy just any used furniture from antique to slightly used, and you can get some real great bargains. We definitely suggest you to haggle and you can find some outstanding pieces. Be prepared to find furniture here that may need an additional restoration; however, you can end up finding real antiques here coming from every corner of the world for great prices. The market is open on Saturday and Sunday only from 7 am to 4 pm and it is located along Paarden Eiland.

If you are prepared to go the extra miles, visiting of 2ndHand Warehouse can be real great treasure hunting, as it is a huge used furniture store, selling all sorts of furniture including also used office furniture. In this store, you can find whole furniture stores. The store of the brand is located along Longclaw Drive Milnerton.

Of course, you should not miss going round the great Kalk Bay or the open air Cape Canal Walk, which is probably one of the most beautiful shopping sites in the world. If you are up to finding and buying used furniture in Cape Town, South Africa, the above-mentioned stores serve as great starting points for your quest