Wardrobes South Africa

Wardrobes are not only of key importance when it comes to home furnishing but are also very important as elements of interior design. Wardrobes come in different styles, forms and sizes, depending on the available space and on their exact function in a home. In our article, we would like to show you where you could get to find quality wardrobes, from the premium quality to the affordable ones in South Africa.

South Africa has an underrated but very well developed culture of furniture making thanks to its great connections with Europe, which the country has developed centuries ago, due to being the colony of both the Netherlands and Great Britain for a long time. These connections offer great and diverse transportation channels that also help the local furniture companies to be able to import various types of wood and even furniture from all around the world. In our article, we would like to represent you with some of the most important names in the South African furniture industry, especially when it comes to great quality wardrobes according to their style. Antique style wardrobes are often called armoire in the South African furniture stores.

British Country and French Country style wardrobes:
There is nothing more charming than having stylish and authentic solid wood wardrobes which do not only look great anywhere, but they are sure to store lots of goods for a very long time. For creating the perfect classic country home check out the following brands: Block & Chisel: South Africa’s most famous classic British-style furniture brand that always represents breathtaking collections for every room in a home. Their collection of wardrobes is always changing but you can check them out on their website and can even make a booking. Block & Chisel has stores in Cape Town and Johannesburg. In case you are in Cape Town, check out Vamp Furniture for renovated antiques. For the French authentic style don’t miss out on La Grange which is a great store having a very original collection mixing up the new and the classy, mostly resembling of the French Country in style. In Johannesburg check out Le Chateau that offers a large collection of antique wardrobes, in case you want to bring real historic pieces of furniture into your life.

Modern contemporary wardrobes:
One advantage of buying furniture from a larger brand is, that they offer diverse sorts of payment methods, which made come handy, when it comes to purchasing a wardrobe in South Africa. Check out the collections of Morkels, Lewis Furniture, Furniture City and Home Depot with each one having an extended web of stores all across South Africa. We must also mention OPPEIN Furniture, which is specialised in producing wardrobes and cabinets in all shape, size all around the world. You can find the store of OPPEIN in Midrand located at Unit 5 Furniture Gallery. For further choices of wardrobes in different or even customised style, check out Kalk Bay and the Canal Walk areas, in Johannesburg Sandton has some of the richest number of furniture stores. In Durban, please visit the huge Gateway Shopping Mall that houses plenty of furniture brands.

Although wardrobes are not as accessible in South Africa as seating sets or lounge sets, there are plenty of furniture companies offering them in great variety. Although all above-mentioned furniture brands offer wardrobes, their collection may change and may not include wardrobes by the time of your visiting.