Wood Furniture South Africa

Wood furniture is one of the most popular furniture materials all over the world and this is just the case in South Africa. There are loads of great quality wood furniture makers in this country and many of them brings whole new aspects in the art of furniture making, creating that interesting mix which also equals the cultural diversity of this fantastic country. Let us see some of the best and unique wood furniture makers in South Africa.

There are several sorts of wood used in the South African furniture making, which include beech, timber, African Mahogany even pine furniture while they work less with oak furniture with oak having to be imported in the country which tends to bring up the oak furniture prices pretty high. However, smart local furniture makers have found a unique and interesting way to create oak furniture locally and cheaply: out of oak wine barrels! In South Africa, you can see several unique ways and styles of wood furniture making which you do not tend to see elsewhere in the world.

Let us see some of the best and most interesting South African furniture brands that are known for their unique and high quality wood furniture.

Coricraft: With over 20 years in the South African furniture industry, Coricraft has definitely become one of the best. The brand also belongs to one of the most easily accessible furniture brands in the country having over 30 stores in South Africa. They deal with multiple sorts of wood furniture and as for the style their furniture is classic-contemporary.

Block & Chisel: If you are looking for classic, British style or British and French Country furniture, then Block & Chisel is the brand for you. Producing high quality wood furniture primarily out of African mahogany and beech, this is one of the highest profile brand names in the South African furniture industry. Block & Chisel is based in Cape Town having two showrooms in the city and they have a showroom in Johannesburg.

OKHA: If you are looking for high profile South African contemporary furniture, then do not go any further, as OKHA is the brand you are looking for. The brand’s designs successfully blend with the modern style with a distinctive African touch to it. Currently, OKHA is one of the most exclusive brands in South Africa with great quality wood furniture.

Hartmann & Keppler: This great wood furniture brand is proud to provide its clients with only handmade wood furniture and they just celebrated their 75-year anniversary in the South African furniture platform. H&K has over 10 furniture collections with each one representing different lines of classic wood furniture. The central showroom of the brand is located in Sloane Park but they have stockists in Pretoria (Engela Smith Interiors), Bloemfontain (Lounge Lizard) and in Kimberley (Lounge Lizard).

Apart from these great brands, there are dozens of outstanding South African wood furniture brands to mention that are providing both classic and contemporary furniture to the customers. If you would like to check out on affordable wood furniture, check out the brands Morkels, Furniture City and Home Depot as well.