Furniture Shops South Africa

If you are looking for the best, most innovative and second hand furniture shops in South Africa, the first place for you to visit should be definitely Cape Town. Therefore, in our article we would like to represent you with the colourful variety of furniture shops and deco stores in this beautiful city.

Cape Town is popular for being one of the most beautifully situated cities in the world and one of the biggest and most important cities of South Africa. It is also one of the biggest centres of furniture design and you can get to find a colourful variety of great furniture shops in here. The main areas to consider when it comes to finding outstanding furniture stores include the downtown lying Woodstock which lies next to V& A Waterfront, another great downtown shopping area in the very downtown of the city. A further lying road called Voortrekker Road is the paradise for those who are looking for second hand and antique furniture. Let us see some of the must-visit furniture shops in Cape Town:

Vamp Furniture has become incredibly famous and popular for everyone who would like to find furniture shops with style in South Africa. The store is specialised in selling renovated used furniture, antique, retro and vintage styles in great variety. This is a great chance for everyone to find some unique pieces of furniture that no one else has. Here, every single piece is genuine and unique. The owners Paula van Niekers and Michael Dodds are crazy for old style furniture themselves too and they are the ones who do the renovation works as well. The stock at Vamp Furniture is large and changes every week. Check out their great deals of vintage kitchenware and home ware and the great choice of fabulous accessories. Their collection of ceramics is also alone standing. Vamp Furniture is located at Woodstock along Albert Road.

Block & Chisel’s collections are simply lovely and contain lots of must-have items handmade out of great quality woods. Creating a great mixture of classic British Country furniture and contemporary modern solutions, the furniture of the brand are simply always fashionable, coming with an extreme range of goods. Check out their living room, bedroom and dining room furniture. One outstanding item includes their huge red bookcase that comes with the classic ladder to reach the uppermost-located shelves. Block & Chisel is one of the most popular furniture brands in South Africa. Find the showrooms of Block & Chisel in Cape Town 34-35 Durban Road, Wynberg Village. The store has other outlets in Diep River and in Johannesburg too.

Strawberry & Lime is quite a unique store which offers highly unique furniture, most of which are renovated, re-upholstered in such ways which fantastically blend the modern with the old style creating absolutely wonderful furniture items. This makes the store to be one of the most popular upmarket second-hand furniture shops in whole South Africa with lots of visitors every day. Here, you can get to find fantastic statement pieces of furniture in your home. The prices are affordable with some pieces being quite pricy. Find Strawberry & Lime store in Cape Town’s Woodstock quarter along Albert Road.

For more antique and second hand furniture shops in Cape Town don’t miss out walking through Kalk Bay, which does not only contain a great selection of antique furniture shops, but it’s also considered one of the most beautiful areas of the city. Visit Cape Town in South Africa to explore the great unique furniture stores of the city.