Furniture Auctions South Africa

We all know of heard of auctions which are events held with great excitement on what will be sold and for how much. Most of us may think auctions are only held for the high-end customers to pay a bunch of money for furniture or any sort of property. Yet, auction is a great way to buy and in most cases, you will save lots of money by taking part in an auction and not buying your furniture for a fix price. When talking about furniture, the most looked for furniture on auctions is the antique or vintage furniture that can be rare or just too expensive in any other stores. Let us check out some of South Africa’s furniture auctions in our article.

Auction is a great business that either can earn you a great discount price or can earn you the desired unique furniture that you would not be able to get elsewhere. The method of auction is also widely used on online selling sites, such as E-bay with sound success, out of which it becomes clear, that people do like auctions in both online and offline form. Furniture auctions are more common in South Africa than you may think. Now we are to check out some of the most popular furniture auction stores and companies that you can find in the country.

Moving On – Cape Town
Moving On is a second-hand furniture selling company that does sales and auctions frequently in different parts of the city. You can browse their items also online on their website and they always have a huge stock, sometimes selling the furniture and other goods of entire homes. Before being able to get one of its sales, you must be there early because you get in via a lucky draw system. You get a number and then a sale starts numbers will be pulled out of the hat. If yours is among them, you can take part in the sale. The auctions of Movin On are great for finding basic or outstanding pieces, depending on the actual stock. Visit their website for more information.

Rudd’s – Cape Town
This is an antique furniture auction company created for those who definitely love old and rare furniture and accessories. Rudd’s holds auctions frequently and you can find the dates of upcoming auctions either on the website of Rudd’s or via their newsletter. Rudd’s sells antiques coming from all parts of the world. If you want to take part in an auction at Rudd’s you definitely should have a strong budget because things here tend to be sold for an expensive price, but it’s a great place for all those who would like to find rare antiques or accessories. You can find here ceramics, paintings, toys, trains, carpets and many things more. Get more information on the upcoming auction at website.

Perkal Auctions
Perkal Auctions is an online furniture auction site, which offers many other things, everything that you can buy. The site works as any online auction site, where you must bid right on time for buying something and if no higher bid arrives for that particular good, it is yours. Check out all the goods at Perkal Auctions on their website

These are only three furniture auctions sites however there is so much more to furniture auctions in South Africa. Check out the local auction sites there and you may end up with great unique furniture and even get great discounts next to experiencing the atmosphere of a real auction.