Furniture Manufacturers South Africa

Although it is not yet a worldwide known fact, but South Africa is indeed full of quality furniture manufacturers that take inspiration from the old colonial heritage of the country and nowadays the number of those contemporary furniture makers, who keep up with the trends and bring the African culture into furniture making, is further growing. The main cities of South Africa are full of talented furniture manufacturers who are very popular in their respective cities and regions. In our article, we would like to look at some of the best or unique furniture manufacturers of South Africa.

Let us enlist some of the best furniture manufacturers of South Africa, who are currently held as the best and most popular in their respective style of furniture making.

If you are looking for high quality British Country furniture, which is so classy that it literally is always trendy and gives home a distinctive warm atmosphere, then do not go any further than the handmade furniture of Block & Chisel, which has made the brand to be one of the most famous furniture manufacturers of South Africa. The light tones of their furniture and the great variety means that there is no home where this brands great quality furniture would not look simply great. Block & Chisel is based in Cape Town where it has two showrooms with one further store in Johannesburg.

Hartmann & Keppler is another old furniture manufacturer of South Africa, which deals with the producing and selling of high profile colonial, vintage and antique style furniture. The classic style furniture of Hartmann & Keppler which is all made out of quality wood ( mostly African mahogany) makes this brand one of the top furniture manufacturers in South Africa. The brand makes furniture for every part of a home and has over 10 collections all different in style

Coricraft always keeps up with the latest trends and it is currently one of the South African furniture manufacturers with the greatest collection of chairs, sofas and recliners. Coricraft is also one of the largest furniture store chains in the country. The contemporary style of Coricraft definitely makes this brand overly unique. Find the stores of Coricraft in every bigger cities of South Africa.

Nefertiti is one of the high profile South African furniture makers that does not only deal with home furniture but produces quality furniture for other instalments too, which include hotels, offices and other social installations. The style of Nefertiti is antique although It also produces quality contemporary furniture to.

OKHA is one of the most successful furniture manufacturers of contemporary furniture with a touch of vintage style. The brand produces a great range of sofas, chairs and recliners that are comfortable and look cool in the same time. OKHA is based in Cape Town and has its sole showroom in Hatfield Street.

These are only some of the many furniture manufacturers, which produce furniture with sound success in South Africa. Check their stores out to find the best furniture to your taste.