OAK Furniture South Africa

Oak is the solid wood of classic vintage and antique furniture that withstands time and creates some of the most durable pieces of furniture that exist in the furniture industry today. If you have quality solid oak furniture, you can be sure that it will serve your family not for decades but for centuries. Therefore, the price and value of oak furniture, especially when old, is indeed high. Let us see where we can find oak furniture in South Africa this time.

South Africa, being an overly different continent than Europe and United States, the main lands of oak furniture, is rather used to working with other high profile trees such as timber, mahogany or teak for making furniture. To clarify the meaning of this, the fact is that South Africa has no oak trees that makes the only way for South African furniture makers to produce or sell oak furniture is to get the wood or the whole furniture imported, mainly from Europe. This is a costly process, which makes the price of oak furniture indeed extremely high in South Africa; however, thanks to the locals’ smartness, there is another and cheaper way to get to oak furniture. More and more South African furniture makers deal with creating oak furniture from oak wine barrels. South Africa has a decent wine industry, the roots and barrels of which go back to the Boorish times. This makes hundreds of thousands of wine barrels which were imported and which served the local wine makers for centuries. The time has arrived for many of these great oak barrels to serve different reasons this time and to become furniture.

A growing number of smart furniture makers lay hands on solid oak by buying up the oak barrels for a rather low price locally and to recreate these into simpler oak furniture which include chairs, tables, dining sets. Companies such as the Knysna based Berlow Furniture or the Dennesig-based Winwood Furniture Company has made a real business into re-creating oak wine barrels and creating oak furniture this way.

Other solid oak furniture makers of South Africa may sell a bigger variety of producers for a high price, but being well worth for overly durable and beautiful furniture. These include the following brands:

*Block & Chisel: One of the premiere English country furniture dealer and seller in South Africa with high priced and antique furniture collections is simply beautiful. Their oak furniture collection is diverse and great quality. Find the stores of Block & Chisel in Cape Town (Diep River and Chelsea Village), Johannesburg (Parkwood).

*Homewood: Deals with professional chairs and tables in contemporary designs bringing traditional African styles into South African furniture design creating a unique range of furniture. The store is excellent for buying seating sets, chairs and other alone-standing items. Find the Johannesburg showroom along Kramer Road.

* Classic Oak: This furniture store, however, does not only deal with oak products but delivers oak furniture on a classy level. The store of the brand is based in Durban along Shetland Road.

* Johann de Vaal: The Mpumalanga-based company is famous for its high quality products and classic oak furniture.

There are certainly many more brands, which also deal with oak furniture, yet this time we did our best to represent some of the highest profile examples in the South African furniture making. Check out these stores to see great quality oak furniture in South Africa.