Vintage Furniture South Africa

If you are looking for vintage furniture in South Africa, there are plenty of places to visit, especially in the bigger cities of the country, such as Cape Town, where the country’s British antique and vintage furniture stores are based and in Johannesburg, where you can get to find a high number of French vintage furniture stores. Let us see some of the best-known brands in South Africa.

Kalk Bay - Cape Town
Kalk Bay is one of the most beautiful seaside areas of Cape Town where all the locals love to stroll across the streets. Kalk Bay is also filled with a high number of stores selling antique and vintage furniture of all sorts. There are several stores here to highlight. Some among these include Quagga Trading that is famous for its outstanding unique furniture and accessories, The Railway House, which is the home of all the different collectibles from different eras and the Whatnot and China Town, where you can get to find great deal of kitchen furniture and kitchenware from different eras. There are many more stores here of course, with each one being well known for their fantastic collections of diverse sorts of vintage furniture. Shops here are generally open from 9 am to 5 pm.

Foreshore - Cape Town
Here, along Srijdom Avenue, you can get to find a great store called “Space for Life”, selling a wide range of antique and vintage furniture, accessories, decorations and simply everything beautiful to the eye. Although the store is not cheap but it is ensured that, everything comes from their European country of origin. The store is especially popular for housing a great deal of vintage furniture coming from Scandinavia. The owners of the store do all the renovation work with their furniture and they do artistic furniture restoration of any older sort of furniture including re-upholstery. This is a great store to check out.

Woodstock - Cape Town
Woodstock is another quarter of the beautiful city that is very popular for its great deal of furniture stores, among which you can find several of such which house some real vintage furniture gems. These stores include Vamp and Strawberry & Lime, both of which deal with both antique and vintage furniture, with themselves dealing with the restoration to give a unique feeling to all their pieces. There stores are extremely popular for their statement sort of unique furniture.

French Vintage Furniture in Johannesburg and Pretoria
Johannesburg is home to French country and vintage furniture and it is full of great stores to explore the beauty of French classic or rustic renovated furniture. Find great stores in Johannesburg such as Le Chateau, which deals with French antiques and vintage furniture for a long time. French Attic has a wonderful collection of rustic vintage furniture and staffed with great deal of Provence style accessories, or check out the Johannesburg store of Smileys At Home that is an overly popular store for its great wood furniture and especially for its chandeliers. In Pretoria, you can get to find great vintage furniture stores in Constantia.

South Africa gives home to a great deal of vintage furniture stores in every one of its bigger cities, with Cape Town and Johannesburg being the two key cities. Check out these great stores and you can be sure you will end up with lots of great vintage furniture and accessories, to enlighten and decorate your home.