Furniture Rental South Africa

Furniture rental is not commonly done when it comes to home furniture, yet there are several areas of furniture that can in fact be rented. These rather include office furniture and furniture for events, congresses, meetings or other special occasions. Furniture rental is a great business for both parties and with the great warm and dry climate of South Africa, there are lots of in- and outdoors furniture for rent. Let us see some of the brands that deal with higher or lower profile furniture rental in South Africa.

There are several reasons why someone would want to rent furniture. These mostly include special occasions, which can be company events, parties, VIP events, garden parties etc. Other reason of furniture rental might be the shooting of a movie for which film directors have to have a couple of rooms furnished temporarily. In some cases, quality furniture is also get rented by real-estate agents in order to represent a home or a house in a more attractive light.

Let us see two of the most popular furniture rental firms in South Africa and get to learn what they have on offer:

Furniture Rentals SA is a 3-year-old company that deals with furniture rentals of especially domestic furniture in South Africa. They are specialised for renting furniture for those who are relocating to South Africa and need furniture for rent for a short time till they get to buy their own furniture. Their rental periods vary depending on the clients’ need. They cooperate with lots of real estate agents in the area of South Africa but also available for private contacts. They will deliver and install the rented furniture and are ready to give advice on how to furnish a flat or a house. Furniture Rentals SA’s main office is locate in Johannesburg but they are in contract with several agents in Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria, which means their furniture is available for rental in all these cities. Their variety of furniture is diverse in style and sort. There is no home furniture they do not deal with. They also offer outdoors, patio and garden furniture for rent, including all sorts of home accessories and kitchenware too. You do not have to worry how to get home appliances in such a short time as Furniture SA will deal with that too, deliver and install all machines making them ready-to-use in no time.

Attica is a large furniture rental company specialised in renting furniture for special events, especially parties, company meetings and all these sorts. Their product range comes in heavily contemporary styles and it is perfect for both indoors and outdoors events. They offer all sorts of chairs, ottomans, tables, sofas, cocktail tables for rent. They also give help with the exact design of an area for the given event, this way they can perfectly count out on what furniture they offer for the exact event. Their special furniture includes inflatable structures, which include tents, playrooms and outdoor kids’ playgrounds. Next to furniture rental, Attica deals with high-level event management too. The company has offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town and offer their services through various affiliates in South Africa.

These are two furniture rental companies in South Africa, which hire furniture for diverse reasons for their clients. Check out their collections, depending on your furniture needs and get in touch with them through their respective website.