Pillows South Africa

Home textiles play a very important role in the overall outlook of any room for a long time. Today, when we can enjoy the revival of antique styles in terms of arts and fashion all the same, you can get to see an enormous variety of home textiles, including pillowcases and decoration pillows for homes with any style. In our article, we will explore some of the best places you ought to visit, when looking for unique looking, or simply beautifully classic decoration pillows and all related textiles in South Africa. South Africa has a much underrated arts culture which should definitely get more international attention thanks to all the emerging new designers and all the great furniture and textile stores which offer beautiful accessories for any homes. Let us check out what sort of pillows, cushions and pillowcases we can get to find in and around the key-cities of South Africa.

As the list would be quite large otherwise, we try our best to introduce some from among unique places to find pillows and textiles in South Africa.

Shanti Décor offers everything, which is home textile, from pillows to cushions, home textiles in limitless variety. If you are a fan of the sophisticated Indian and further exotic Asian textile designs, don’t miss out on visiting this great store. In case you want something different for your pillows, all you need is to select one material which you like and have it done as a pillow case for your pillows or cushions. Shanti offers all of its goods online.

Oak Avenue is a very special store, where you can only go to look around if you have a previously arranged appointment. Working solely with first class materials, Oak Avenue produces high quality bed linen for pillows and whole bedrooms. You can get to find the best quality here, made out of pure cotton. The store of Oak Avenue is located at Somerset West. If you look for extra quality bed linen, this is the place for you to go.

At Design Team Boutique, you can get to see tons of pillows, in all size, colour and texture and the store is a real haven for premium quality textiles in every colour and style, in case you wish your pillows to be covered with something different. The store is also perfect for buying cushions, textile for tablecloth, bedcloth and curtains all the same. Design Team Boutique is located at Cape Town’s Harrington Street.

Kalk Bay Co-Op: Cape Town’s Kalk Bay has been a famous place for a long time for its great collection of art related stores and antique stores the area is the most artistic in the whole city. Therefore some of Kalk Bay’s artists have decided to join forces and founded the Kalk Bay Co-Op, which is indeed a place to visit, no matter what sort of furniture, textiles, pillows or even apparel you are looking for. This is not solely a shopping but a whole artistic experience which will surely take your day and will eventually make you return here.

@Home is one of the biggest kitchen and homeware brands in South Africa therefore it is quite well-known, well-visited and you can find its stores in every cities and shopping malls as well. Visit the stores of @Home to check out on the latest important textiles, pillows, cushions and a limitless variety of beautiful textile.

These are some of the current best places to visit, when checking out Cape Town’s flourishing décor stores although there are so many more that are worth visiting. In case you are located elsewhere in South Africa, we suggest you to visit Sandton in Johannesbug area and the Gateway in the Durban area, when hunting for home décor stores in South Africa.