Sofas South Africa

Sofas count as a key pieces of furniture, the use of which is not solely limited to one room but which can be found in basically any rooms of a house. As such it is extremely important for it to be either in harmony with the rest of the home’s furniture or to bring an entirely new colour in the interior of a home depending on the personal flavour of its owners. This time we would like to help you in finding sofas all around South Africa. South Africa, this enormous and unique country has a great furniture industry that produces a huge range of home and office furniture and will help your search for sofas to be a very exciting one.

Let us see what sort of sofas you can find all across South Africa depending on style and region. When it comes to the key regions of South Africa, we can name the following: Cape Town, Johannesburg /Pretoria/Gauteng region and Durban. These are also the main regions when it comes to finding the most suitable furniture store for you. We will try to enlist the places in these regions where you can find great sofas depending on their respective style.

Sofa Set/Lounge seats: Sofas are often offered in sets in order to make the furnishing of a lounge or hall all the easier. There are some experts when it comes to both leather and textile sofa sets. In case you are not looking for alone-standing sofas but a whole set, we suggest you to visit Lewis Furniture and Furniture City, which are also among the biggest furniture producing companies of South Africa with stores all across the country.

Antique style sofas / sofa sets:
If you have a specific flavour and would like to get sofas or a sofa set which has a distinctive antique style, look no further than Morkels Furniture which is sort of an expert in recreating antique style furniture. Here you can find sofas in all different antique styles, out of which we must outline the baroque and rococo styles. Morkels is also a very important furniture brand in South Africa and has multiple stores in and around all the bigger cities and town of the country.

Fifties and Sixties style sofas:
The Fifties and Sixties had a very important effect on style, thanks to the flourishing of Hollywood movies that makes this era stylistically very important also in the world of furniture producing. This was also the era of the first minimalistic wave in furniture design. The best places to find quality leather sofas to bring back this era should be @Home Furniture with several stores all across the country, featuring great unique pieces that bring the retro and even antique style together with the modern art of furniture making. @Home furniture has stores in all the bigger shopping malls all across South Africa, especially in Cape Town, Johannesburg/Pretoria/Gauteng region and Durban’s huge Gateway Shopping Mall, the biggest shopping mall in whole Africa.

Contemporary style sofas, leather sofas:
For quality leather sofas, check out the stores of Coricraft, which is one of the most popular modern furniture design brands in South Africa, Okha a Cape Town based quality furniture producer, Incanda a high quality leather furniture producer with stores in Paarl, Pretoria, Durban and Knysna and Bakos Brothers, offering a huge collection of quality leather sofas and sets in multiple stores in the Johannesburg, Gauteng, Pretoria region.

The list of great quality and affordable sofas in South Africa is so much longer. In order to widen your search in the big cities we suggest you to check out Cape Town’s Canal Walk area or Johannesburg’s Sandton areas that are some of the richest in furniture stores in South Africa.