Kids' Furniture South Africa

Getting kids’ furniture is always a sort of challenge as you need specialised furniture for every age-class and you need to have furniture that is highly practical, next to looking playful and fun at the same time. This time, we look at the nice variety of kids’ furniture in South Africa and will explore some of the best brands in the same time.

Kids’ furniture comes in a great variety in South Africa with plenty of well-established brands on the market. Let us see some of the best quality and most popular kids’ furniture brands enlisted below.

Just for Kids is a great local brand which does not only produce kids’ furniture for rooms but also has a nice range of collections for outdoor playing solutions and it deals with a great deal of activity sets for many age-groups. Here you can see chalkboard tables, sandpits, folding benches, vegetable gardens, kids’ picnic sets and great toybox benches for the rooms. Check out the collections of Just for Kids, if you would also like to furnish your garden, not only the kids’ room.

By My Shelf is specialised in producing a wide range of kids’ furniture, especially storage solutions that contain shelves and box storage solutions, looking not only great but being also highly practical for every kids’ rooms. They also have a great variety of playhouses and playhouse sets and all their sets can be tailor made depending on the size and furnishing of an actual room.

Little Dreamz have the most wonderful range of children’s bedroom furniture and storage solutions available in South Africa. You will fall in love with the girls’ and boys’ bunk beds and bedroom sets on their website.

Kids Boutique produces high profile kids’ furniture for the up-street customers from the age of 0 to 12. Their variety of kids’ rooms is simply huge! They also produce and sell a nice deal of toys and kids’ room accessories. Kids Boutique is an originally South African brand with its brand store located in Little Chelsea

Kids Living is a Cape Town based brand that does not only produce a great range of kids furniture but also pays high attention on the various security solutions which are must-have for all kids on different levels. Here, you can find a nice diversity of furniture and accessories. The store of Kids Living also sells strollers and car seats for every age group.

Tree House Décor is a local South African kids’ furniture making brand and it is indeed one of the most innovative brands, always coming up with something new and producing overly safe and great looking furniture for every age group.

There are some of the brands, which you can find in the big cities of South Africa, especially in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and the area of Pretoria. Check them out in the shopping malls and the downtown areas of the cities and visit their respective website for addresses and more information on their kids’ furniture collections, toys and further home accessories.